Treating patients with prominent ears or bat ears as they are often referred to, is one of the most satisfying aspects of my work. Patients become conscious of their appearance at an early age, and teasing at school can undermine confidence and lead to low self-esteem. Each case is different, and there are usually a combination of problems with deep conchal bowl, or poorly formed antihelical fold. Surgery is best performed at the age of five when anaesthesia is safe, and before your child moves on to school.

Because each case is different the surgical approach is tailored to address the particular deformity. Cartilage is either scored or suture techniques can be employed. Incisions are carefully concealed behind the ear and dissolving sutures are used to avoid the necessity to remove them post-operatively. The surgery is generally performed under general anaesthesia, but in older children and adults, surgery can be performed under local anaesthetic.